New Maybelline Baby Lips Bright Out Loud: Swatches and review

Hey guys,

As promised, today I am writing the review for the newly launched Maybelline ‘Bright Out Loud’ lip balms.These are available almost everywhere and I bought mine from a local super market.

Priced at only Rs. 190, these in my view are one of the better ones that maybelline has launched in recent times.

maybelline baby lips bright out loud:(L-R) Vivid peach, Striking orange, Beaming Violet
maybelline baby lips bright out loud back cover

Packaging: These are sleeker than normal baby lips tubes and have same tube like maybelline color bloom. But difference is that these are much sturdier than any other baby lips. These contains 1.9gm of the product in the tube.

Texture: The texture of these lip balms is very smooth and creamy. These are very light on lips and are not sticky at all. These smell like mints and on application they give tingling cooling sensation to the lips for some time, which I really like, Sort of plumping effect.

The color payoff of these is very good for tinted lip balm(medium coverage). These are moisturizing.The color starts lightening in about 2 hours. They stay for about 3-4 hrs on my lips after which the darker shades leave slight tint to the lips.

Vivid Peach: A Reddish peach color. Gives medium coverage to lip

Striking Orange: Lightest among the three shades. Plain bright orange color.

Beaming Violet: Most pigmented shade among these three shades. Pinkish purple shade. Mildly covers pigmented lips as well.

Maybelline baby lips bright out loud vivid peach
Maybelline baby lips bright out loud striking orange


Maybelline baby lips bright out loud beaming violet


  1. Affordability
  2. Moisturizes well, gives cooling sensation on application
  3. Smells like mint, doesn’t feel overwhelming
  4. Cute packaging
  5. Color payoff is good, as the name suggests colors are “bright out loud”
  6. Wearable for office usage.
  7. They do have SPF13.


  1. Only 1.9gm for Rs. 190; They could have increased amount of product a bit.

In my view, these are quite nice lip balms. I would definitely recommend to buy at least one from the range.





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