ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Review-Swatches(Beeper, Bumble, Clueless)

Hi All,

Finally I got my hands on the much raved ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick. Not that they are new or something, but because It takes days for them to reach if ordered from their website;  I just did not want to wait for more that 3-4 days to receive it after I purchase. The wait just make me nervous. 😛

So I bought three of the ColourPop ultra mattes in shades: Beeper, Bumble and Clueless,
from this Instagram page( based website called  . They provide authentic ColourPop products. I was very happy with their service as i received these in 3-4 business days and the seller was very responsive on whatsapp as well.

Moving forward to the lippies:

ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick : Beeper, Clueless, Bumble packaging

Price: Rs 720/-

Packaging: Basic. “ULTRA MATTE LIP” is written as Holographic Text.The tube contains 3.2gm of the product . The lipstick wand is quite small and sturdy with minute bristles. Application is very easy.

Texture: Being liquid lipsticks, Their texture is quite runny. Although on lips they dry within few seconds of application. they are not heavy or tacky on lips at all. For me, only a little of the product was needed and i didn’t need to dip the wand in tube again. Pigmentation is excellent. They do change a bit from the color in tube(tends to get darker) but that depends on the lip pigmentation and natural color as well. It stays on lips for about 6-7 hours. Meanwhile, if you drink or eat, it tends to fade away from center and looks really awkward. So if you are having a greasy meal, do keep the lipstick nearby for touch ups.

ColourPop Ultra Matte lipstick Swatches
ColourPop UML swatches: beeper, bumble, clueless

Beeper: Its a muted mauve with brownish undertone.It can be a nude for darker skin tones and is very wearable. On fair skin, it tends to be quite dark.

Bumble: A perfect dusty pink for my skin tone. Drop dead gorgeous color. It is a little bright shade and suits me well. My fav among the three.

Clueless:A light pink leaning towards mauve shade. It is a pretty shade for fair skin tones.  It will totally washout dark to medium skin tones.On my skin, it was okay-ish, washing out a little bit.

                             L to R: Beeper, Bumble, Clueless

ColourPop UML Beeper
ColourPop UML Bumble
ColourPop UML Clueless

So these are all the shades and as i mentioned, Bumble turned out to be my favorite of all.

These lipsticks can be bit drying, so exfoliating before applying is necessary. Also, use lip balm to keep your lips soft and non flaky.


  1. Extremely pigmented
  2. Very light on lips
  3. Affordable
  4. Variety of shades available
  5. No smell
  6. Easy application, good small wand
  7. Stays really long on lips


  1. Drying; Exfoliating is necessary
  2. Since liquid lipstick, so very runny texture. Have to keep them in vertically so the lipstick is not all over the wand.

That is all for today friends. Stay tuned for next lipper review. Just bought Maybelline “Bright Out Loud” lip balm in Vivid Peach. Lets see how that turns out.

Do comment your favorite colourpop lipstick share. I am thinking of buying some from their ultra satin range as well.

Bye Bye..Till the next time.


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