Chambor eXtreme wear transfer proof liquid lipstick review

Hello everybody,

Today I’m gonna be reviewing the not so new, not so old Chambor eXtreme wear transfer-proof liquid lipstick. These lipsticks are so much raved about since they have hit the market.
Being a huge fan and constant user of liquid lipstick, I must say these are probably one of the best matte liquid lipsticks in semi-drugstore range in India.  These are priced at Rs. 845 online and in stores.
The packaging is sleek, or lets say flat, so very easy to slide it down your purse or jeans without it being noticed. The lipstick is in a clear plastic tube, which more or less seems like a glass tube. The cap of lipstick is glossy black, followed by silver rim of the tube. On the transparent tube, we have ‘CHAMBOR’ written along with the logo and lipstick name, which is holographic. We get 6 ml of the product on  the tube.


The wand of the lipstick is a basic, slightly curved one and one dip at the tube is sufficient for covering lips completely.


I bought shade number 401 , and yes, these do not have names of lipstick on the lipstick tube, although if you check out there official website, you can find out corresponding names for all the shades. Pretty inconvenient though..Name of shade 401 is “ROSEMANTIC”.

Talking about shade 401, it is a beautiful slightly deeper for my skin tone, pink color with minute shimmer( not that it will show on lips, I noticed while removing the swatch from my hand). The lipstick takes about 10-15 minutes to turn matte, after which it turns into a powder matte consistency. It still transfers a bit even after 15-20 minutes but as the time passes, it turns complete matte and transfer & smudge proof.

The lipstick can be a tad bit drying. I have dry lips and it started flaking a little on my lips after about 6 hours, so applying a lip balm underneath is advisable. After eating (after 4 hours) lipstick was gone from inner rim of my lips and i had to reapply.

Chambor Extreme Wear Transfer Proof Liquid Lipstick
Chamor extremewear transfer proof liquid lipstick lip swatch


Overall, I like this range of lipstick, being first liquid lipstick available in India that can give good competition to liquid lipsticks available in the west like lime crime, colourpop or kat von d.


  • easy on lips
  • transfer and smudge proof after about 1 hour
  • beautiful shade range for Indian skin tone
  • Last long


  • priced at rs. 845, not very affordable
  • can be a bit dry on lips

In the end, I would say that you should have at least one lipstick from this range. These have a variety of shades from dark to nudes for all skin tones.

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